Arasys Body Lift/Inch Loss

Gerry Pollock, (one of the team of scientists who invented the first pacemaker and pioneer in the industrial use of Ultraviolet Light in cleaning polluted water), working at the European Union funded Innovate Science Park and with the aid of new technology, has been able to produce The Arasys III that simultaneously melts inches (3-7 inches in one 17 minute treatment), melts fat and cellulite while detoxifying the body. Additional programs include body building, designed to be used by professional body builders, breast lift, body lift and skin toning. The machine has been clinically tested on a large number of case studies, each client being of a different build, size and fitness level. Arasys 3/2004 produced dramatic lasting results every time. Arasys 3/2004 is the only system that body builders can use to enhance their muscles without effort or a drop of sweat.

Gerry Pollock states that his machine is safer and far superior than other inch loss machines due to the electric waveform he has designed. Dr. Pollock's electronic experience dated back to the first pacemaker ensures that the muscles are exercised with smooth rather than spiked electrical signals the way it happens during real exercise.

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