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Lift & Firm is a locally owned and operated day spa in the heart of Springfield Illinois, offering services to help you relax, look great, and feel better.




Our facial and inch loss procedures are affordable, non-surgical alternatives to painful cosmetic procedures, and the best part is: They really work!   Combined with our massage and reflexology services, we can help you look and feel younger!  Men and women alike benefit from the technology offered at Lift & Firm.


Services available include:

  • Nano Perfector Facial Rejuvenation
  • Arasys inch loss/body contouring
  • Ultimate Neck Lift
  • Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Ion Foot Detox
  •  …and more!


What is Perfector and Arasys?

Marla Hanson, the former Elite model, serves as the National Spokesperson for Perfector and Arasys.  After being viciously assaulted in the late 1980's, Ms. Hanson had been facially scarred.  Being an advocate of beauty and health, she learned about the Perfector and Arasys.  After utilizing the systems personally, she believes that they are a great alternative to all other anti-aging procedures on the market.  It is her goal to educate American men and women about these amazing technologies.


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We are now selling weight loss and nutritional supplements from Plexus Slim. 

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We are located at 1210 South 5th Street, Springfield.

Parking is available directly in front in the building.

Please call us at 217-789-3701 for an appointment.