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Current based technology has been utilized within the medical field since the mid 1980’s and by the beauty industry since the mid- 90’s, first in the UK and now in the US. Our bodies are electric and every one of the trillions of cells that make up our body has a minute amount of electricity that resides on top of each cell.

Our bodies respond very favorably to current based technology.


At Lift & Firm, we perform three types of current based procedures:




Ultimate Lift


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The Perfector







The Perfector Anti-Aging Facial Rejuvenation System is nano-current based technology. The Perfector Technology is a computerized device utilizing nano-current to restore a more youthful appearance. The Perfector can lift sagging facial muscles, builds tissue, oxygenates and detoxifies. It rejuvenates, reduces dark spots, rosacea, fine lines, wrinkles, puffy eyes, dark circles, jowls and acne. We will redefine the neck and jaw line while lifting sagging skin.  We treat the entire face, neck and upper chest area with each procedure. The Perfector offers painless anti-aging without invasive procedures and your skin will never look more beautiful.




Increases oxygen and improves skin circulation. Ideal for clients with dull skin, people who smoke, drink or take meds.


Lymphatic Drainage
Removes dark circles, puffiness. Removes toxins, leaving skin radiant, healthy, and fresh, and enhancing the cell regeneration process.


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Face Lift

Builds tissue and produces proliferation of cells by fibroblasts' secretion of proteins such as collagen. Additionally, it works on the nerves and muscle cells to increase tonicity of the fine facial muscles.



Removed pigmentations, skin discolorations, scars and heals melasma, rosacea and acne.


                                                  high absorbtion.bmp

High absorption
Apply collagen/elastin serums, creams, masks etc for maximum absorption by the skin.



Non-abrasive microdermabrasion
Removes dead cells and impurities while at the same time detoxifying the skin. Leaves the skin glowing. Dramatic results with acne, and skin discolorations.




The Arasys Inch Loss/Body Contouring System utilizes micro-current wave forms to generate contractions. Seventeen minutes on the Arasys is equivalent to 300 sit ups.  Dr. Gerald Pollock, one of the original co-inventors of the first pacemaker was instrumental in developing the Arasys technology. Frequencies determine the depth of the contractions generated and intensity determines the strength.  Whether you want to eliminate inches, cellulite, firm, tone or tighten, the Arasys can benefit you. Arasys increases metabolic rate and is a great way to jump start an exercise program or assist an already established workout program.  Arasys is non-cardiovascular and we do encourage our clients to establish some type of exercise program to help  maintain long lasting results.



Inch Loss / Body Contouring:  Breaks up cellulite.  Average loss is 2 to 7 inches in 50 minutes. One session is equivalent to several trips to the gym. Intense effortless exercise while you are lying back relaxing. 

With an average of 10 treatments, average loss is 15 inches overall.



                                                 body lift.bmp         

Body Lift
This program visibly lifts the body in one treatment. With repeated treatments, your body can look twenty years younger.



                            breast lift.bmp        body builder1.bmp


Breast Lift

The only non-surgical procedure that actually lifts the breast.




Body Builder
This program was designed to be used by men and women who are professional body builders.
One twenty minute session is equivalent to several hours of weight lifting in the gym.



                     Perfector Ultimate Lift


The Perfector Ultimate Lift utilizes both the Perfector and the Arasys Technology to eliminate, realign and redefine the neck line. The Ultimate Lift is for those with a heavy neck who want to eliminate the cellulite below their jaws and chin.